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Thank you for visiting my site! This website has two functions. The left navigation highlights my fine art work which includes oil paintings, drawings, sculptures and more. In the right navigation you can review the web sites that I have designed, or have had a major role in developing and continue to maintain.

David Ehlen
David Ehlen
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Fine Art

I've been painting in oils for many years and have 500 pages in this site dedicated to showing you the paintings I have created. Many of the pages illustrate details, close up images, and progress photos. I've spent years writing about these oil paintings and even more creating them. You can click on the painting to advance to the next image. The Process - has information including how to build a canvas, how to texture it, the tools and more.


Website Design & Development

I live in Tucson, Arizona and am actively searching for full time employment. I have a Bachelor of Fine Art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago earned in 1997. I have been designing and developing website's for over 10 years. Graduating from SAIC gave me the edge to be considered and hired by large companies during the dot.com boom. It gave me the experience I needed to be able to make it on my own as an independent contractor. This gave me the ability not only meet design goals but know how to implement technical aspects of web development architecture.   view web developments


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