Home Constant Journey - David M. Ehlen

25 1/2 x 36 x 1 1/2 Inches
Mixed Media / Oil Paint / Canvas

'Constant Journey' is clearly a spin off from a recent painting completed titled 'Recalculating' however the floating platforms are a bae relief this time. Yes, they have Multi-Media mix to bring them off the surface into a heavy texture that I can control. Are the shadows that you are seeing actually there or are they being created by the light source on the painting? That is a great question.

Constant Journey - David M. Ehlen

It was challenging yet fun to create and paint the environments for each of the 39 different platforms. There are places in these platforms that come from my experience such as the train tracks or the horses and places like that. I also have friends that I've put into the painting. Some are photos I've seen on their social media posts and some are just a place I make up for someone.

Constant Journey - David M. Ehlen

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