Home Eye of the Beholder - David M. Ehlen

5 x 17 1/2 x 2 1/2 Inches
Mixed Media / Oil Paint / Canvas

Eye of the Beholder was inspired and created quickly. The only thing that slowed down the process was drying times in between applications of the mixed media. The painting kept pushing my color choices and I got a chuckle when space and stars began showing up. I'm glad I didn't fight it and just kept painting on it the rest of the day.

Constant Journey - David M. Ehlen

I covered the canvas with oil paint including the sides and let this set for 24 hours. It was still pretty tacky in places when I started the next morning.

Constant Journey - David M. Ehlen

Early Development of the mixed media.

Here's a nice close up of the canvas before paint.



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