12 x 12 x .5 Inches
Wire / Mixed Media / Acrylic Paint / Canvas

I present you with "Nesting". This painting is the result of a bunch of testing of materials and drying times and passing each one flawlessly. Well, most of them, details to follow. Heart paintings are always easy for me to create and I am really pleased with the end result.

I used 25 pound galvanized wire as shown here. I doubled up the wire leaving some places loose so I could weave other strands through it later as I build it. The wires you see going over the top of the heart are actually going through those wires.

The bucket has acrylic gesso in it, not house paint. Gesso is the same material that makes the canvas white, primes the canvas and gets it ready for paint. I knew I would need something for the paint to stick to. The gesso has flexibility that I'm going to count on later when final stages need a little tweak.

This is one of the parts that takes the longest. It takes many layers to really build a quality structure. I live where is it hot most of the time which helps in the drying time. I'm guessing there are at least 10 applied layers over 3 days and then a little clean up like sanding and making I'm going to be able to reach all of the areas with a paint brush.

When it was time to attach the heart piece there are a few things that are going to be good to know. Put the objection the canvas and with a pencil, mark where the contact points are on the canvas. Once you have that done and checked a few times add your multimedia mix to the canvas and rub it in to the surface. With the contact area wet, it is time to make sure the contact points/area on your heart structure is wet with multimedia. You want the heart structure and the contact points to be wet when you add more multi-media to join the contact areas together. Take your time. Check each one a few times because as you rotate the canvas it will reveal what you thought you had taken care of. Now, let it dry for a full day and night and have a lot of fun with the clean up!



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