24 x 29 1/2 x 1 1/2 Inches
Mixed Media / Oil Paint / Canvas

The concept for the oil painting Recalculating came in a vision while I was looking at the canvas. I had applied the multimedia mix to the surface and the sides of the canvas and sanded it down smooth. I had recently been honored by the presence of a fellow artist and her words, "David, your paintings don't have to be so busy!" With that in mind this manifested into a quick sketch to train my hands how to translate it into a painting.

It didn't take too long to create this piece. It was like taking a very long walk that I didn't know what was next but most of the decisions were based on what color I needed to stand out. You can see that the lines in everything are very sharp, giving an almost illustrated feel. The tones are really sharp in this piece and I learned yet something else in this painting.


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