Terminal Intensity #10 - Omnium-Gatherum
39 ¾" x 27 ¼" x 1"
Oil on Canvas / Mixed Media
May, 2011

Surrealistic oil painting titled Terminal Intensity #10 - Omnium-Gatherum. Why the obscure name? What does it mean? Omnium-Gatherum is a collection of people and/or things. Following with the concept of this theme I've included some new icons such as The Vitruvian Man, a drawing created by Leonardo da Vinci that many years later was the visual definition of humanity sent into space. There are a few written mathematical sentences that I've included as well just to intensify the piece a bit further.

This painting took many hours and much thought to create. My intention is not only to keep your eyes moving but to see this piece from different distances. Seven feet away it has a unified composition. Three feet away it encourages the viewer to look at the content. One foot away is the message. The viewer can see all the activity within the piece and start to get the flavor and really begin to absorb what I'm trying to express.

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