Terminal Intensity #11 - Long May You Run
29 ¾" x 54 ¾"
Oil on Canvas / Mixed Media
January, 2012

I've not had a painting so commented on by people that visit my home. What is interesting are the interpretations of this piece. The eye in this piece gets a lot of comments. The nose is built up, meaning it is a relief and that draws attention as well.

On a personal note. So many of these paintings reveal secrets depending on your mood. I had this on my wall in my bedroom and one morning I was waking up slowly and looked at this painting. I got lost in it and it showed me the side view of a beautiful face. I've seen it a couple times since but you have to be in a relaxed frame of mind to see it.

Why the butterflies? I'm getting older and have lost some friends. I can stand in my backyard and watch them float by as if they recognize me. I'll hold my hand up and I know they see me as they rest on the tree. They all have names and wonderful memories.

The Lighthouse. My girlfriend has Lupus. At the time of this paintings creation she was in a group on FaceBook named Lighthouse for Lupus. This is a rapidly growing group of people attempting to help and support each other through this horrible disease. This is one of my tributes to those that fight this. God bless you, you're not alone.

So the pieces that I put in my work have meaning to me. I create what inspires me in my life. But what is more interesting is how you interpret the work.


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