Terminal Intensity #4 - Chores of Life

Terminal Intensity #4 - Chores of Life
36" x 48" x 1.5"
Mixed Media / Oil Paint / Canvas
September, 2006

This was an exciting extension to the on going series. I wanted to lighten up the colors and create some life so I painted all sorts of activities existing on the different surreal platforms. What brings the platforms together are the ladders that are seen being used in places. I started the people creation with the guy pulling water from the well and then went on to the woman hanging laundry, the swing set and then started thinking about the chores I have on the horse ranch that I live on and began to build horse fences, horses, dogs and more people and scenes of productivity and work.

At this point in time I've not painting in machinery in the Terminal Intensity series. I enjoy that feel and concept of things more organic. I have a peaceful life and it has been illustrated in this surrealistic oil painting.

The man drawing water from a well. I've used this guy in a number of Terminal Intensity paintings and he is always having to get water.

The lady hanging laundry outside on the lines. When I was young this is how we dried our clothes a lot of the time. Yes, we had a swing set that was used often. The ladders? Well, maybe in my imagination they were just growing.

Judgment Day. These paintings have so much meaning that isn't hidden at all.


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