Terminal Intensity #5 - The Dream
30" x 58"
Mixed Media / Oil Paint / Canvas

There are many different views to this surreal painting titled Terminal Intensity #5 - The Dream.

During the time of this paintings creation I was working and living on a horse ranch in Southern California. This inspired me to start putting 'ranch scenes' such as horses, fences, barns, stables and things like that. It was an interesting time in my life because my life had been going through so many changes.

'The dream' as I call it is more of a look into the past. Kind of like 'oh my gosh, I did all that?' So there are a lot of roads in the painting, a lot of places that look comfortable to visit or even live. There are bridges and tunnels representing obstacles to cross or the unknown to go through to get to the next place I was going.

One of the things you may have noticed is that there aren't any metal objects, nothing that looks permanent. Actually, there is a lot of motion in the painting with water flowing from one platform to another. The stars and sky seem to be moving as well as if to represent that nothing ever stays the same.

I don't know if you have seen the large face in the painting yet. Perhaps you see the eye, then follow down the center of the painting to the end of the nose and then you will see the outline of a mouth. This was incorporated into the painting as if to represent this entire scene is one person's life.

Close Up 1 - Colorful and surrounded by checkerboard patterns around the eye.

Close Up 2 - The end of the nose on the left side of this image.

Close Up 3 - The hidden houses and great pathways.

Close Up 4 - This was fun to add. it brought everything together in an explanation.

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